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Tax relief on losses

Many investors are unaware of this tax relief which is available to them once their shares become of negligible value. Our in-depth knowledge of this complicated area ensures claims are maximised for our clients.
The majority of our clients have invested in private companies and received ordinary shares. There are some restrictions regarding the type of shares and activity of the business that we screen for.
Shares listed on junior UK markets (i.e. not the main London Stock Exchange) are also allowable for this relief. However, you must have subscribed directly for shares and not have bought them in the secondary market.
"I should like to express my appreciation of your diligent service. When you first contacted me about the possibility of a tax refund, I was unaware I was entitled to any benefit and to be frank I was a little suspicious. I need not have worried. You have done everything you promised in the most exemplary manner." Mr Crossland, Kent, March 2009